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A centre of excellence providing the platform to support dynamic inter-disciplinary materials research in collaboration with academia, research councils and industry professionals.

Queen Mary University of London has a strong tradition of materials-based research. The creation of the Materials Research Network (MRN) brings together a range of expertise from within several Schools: Engineering and MaterialsPhysical and Chemical SciencesBiological and Behavioural Sciences, and Dentistry to create a coherent interdisciplinary activity focused on five key research themes: Energy, Lightweighting, Sensors, Opto-electronics and Healthcare.

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Recent Publications

  • Barrio J, Pedersen A, Favero S, Luo H, Wang M, Sarma SC, Feng J, Ngoc LTT, Kellner S, Li AY, Jorge Sobrido AB and Titirici M-M (2022). "Bioinspired and Bioderived Aqueous Electrocatalysis." Chem Rev
  • Toroz D, Song F, Chass GA and Di Tommaso D (2022). "Correction: New insights into the role of solution additive anions in Mg 2+ dehydration: implications for mineral carbonation." Crystengcomm vol. 24 (43), 7686-7686.
  • Yuan S, Meijer BE, Cai G, Dixey RJC, Demmel F, Dove MT, Liu J, Playford HY, Walker HC and Phillips AE (2022). "Origin of the Large Entropy Change in the Molecular Caloric and Ferroelectric Ammonium Sulfate." Advanced Functional Materials vol. 32 (45)