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Materials Research Institute


Welcome to the Materials Research Institute

Modelling Characterisation Processing Chemistry Healthcare Opto-electronics Sensors Lightweighting Energy

A centre of excellence providing the platform to support dynamic inter-disciplinary materials research, in collaboration with academia, research councils and industry professionals.

Queen Mary University of London has a strong tradition of materials-based research. The creation of the Materials Research Institute (MRI) brings together a range of expertise from within several Schools: Engineering and MaterialsPhysics and AstronomyBiological and Chemical Sciences, and Dentistry to create a coherent interdisciplinary activity focused on five key research themes.

Events and Seminars

Recent Publications

  • Naseem-Khan S, Gresh N, Misquitta AJ and Piquemal J-P (2021). "Assessment of SAPT and Supermolecular EDA Approaches for the Development of Separable and Polarizable Force Fields." J Chem Theory Comput vol. 17 (5), 2759-2774.
  • Jingliang M, Wang K, Murahari P, Yokoyama K, Lord JS, Pratt FL, He J, Schulz L, Willis M, Anthony JE, Morley NA, Nuccio L, Misquitta A, Dunstan DJ, Shimomura K, Watanabe I, Zhang S, Heathcote P and Drew AJ (2021). "Reply to: On the observation of photo-excitation effects in molecules using muon spin spectroscopy." Nat Mater
  • Bueno LS, Borges AFS, Navarro MFL, Nicholson JW, Hill RG and Sidhu SK (2021). "Determination of chemical species of fluoride during uptake mechanism of glass-ionomer cements with NMR spectroscopy." Dent Mater