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Materials Research Institute


Welcome to the Materials Research Institute

Modelling Characterisation Processing Chemistry Healthcare Opto-electronics Sensors Lightweighting Energy

A centre of excellence providing the platform to support dynamic inter-disciplinary materials research, in collaboration with academia, research councils and industry professionals.

Queen Mary University of London has a strong tradition of materials-based research. The creation of the Materials Research Institute (MRI) brings together a range of expertise from within several Schools: Engineering and MaterialsPhysics and AstronomyBiological and Chemical Sciences, and Dentistry to create a coherent interdisciplinary activity focused on five key research themes.

Events and Seminars

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Recent Publications

  • Leach AS, Hack J, Amboage M, Diaz-Moreno S, Huang H, Cullen PL, Wilding M, Magliocca E, Miller TS, Howard CA, Brett DJL, Shearing PR, McMillan PF, Russell AE and Jervis R (2021). "A novel fuel cell design for operando energy-dispersive x-ray absorption measurements." Journal of Physics Condensed Matter vol. 33 (31)
  • Baláž M, Dobrozhan O, Tešinský M, Zhang RZ, Džunda R, Dutková E, Raj¿ák M, Chen K, Reece MJ and Baláž P (2021). "Scalable and environmentally friendly mechanochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline rhodostannite (Cu2FeSn3S8)." Powder Technology vol. 388, 192-200.
  • Zhu J, Xu J, Zhang P, Meng X, Cao S, Wu J, Wei M, Shi Y, Reece MJ and Gao F (2021). "Enhanced mechanical and thermal properties of ferroelastic high-entropy rare-earth-niobates." Scripta Materialia vol. 200