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A centre of excellence providing the platform to support dynamic inter-disciplinary materials research in collaboration with academia, research councils and industry professionals.

Queen Mary University of London has a strong tradition of materials-based research. The creation of the Materials Research Network (MRN) brings together a range of expertise from within several Schools: Engineering and MaterialsPhysical and Chemical SciencesBiological and Behavioural Sciences, and Dentistry to create a coherent interdisciplinary activity focused on five key research themes: Energy, Lightweighting, Sensors, Opto-electronics and Healthcare.

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Recent Publications

  • Yu J, Liu X, Xiong W, Wang B, Reece MJ and Freer R (2022). "The effects of dual-doping and fabrication route on the thermoelectric response of calcium cobaltite ceramics." Journal of Alloys and Compounds vol. 902
  • Wang X, Saunders TG, Sedlák R, Csanádi T, Wang Y, Dusza J, Fu L and Reece MJ (2022). "Synthesis and densification of (Zr-Hf-Nb-Ta)C-Co high entropy cermet prepared by pressureless melt infiltration using spark plasma sintering." Journal of Alloys and Compounds vol. 900
  • Liu J, Du J, Phillips AE, Wyatt PB, Keen DA and Dove MT (2022). "Neutron powder diffraction study of the phase transitions in deuterated methylammonium lead iodide." Journal of Physics Condensed Matter vol. 34 (14)