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Materials Research Institute



The Materials Research Institute's Director, Professor Alan Drew,  reports directly to the Vice-Principal for Science and Engineering. The Materials Research Institute has a Management Committee which is responsible for PhD recruitment and training, staff appointments, management of the research themes and business engagement, acting through an Implementation Group. This is further encouraged by the integration of the College’s Business Development Unit into the Leadership Team. Each research theme has an academic leader to direct the programme and provide input to the Leadership Team. The research theme leaders oversee research mentoring of Early Career Researchers , Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Research Associates, while the progression of Postgraduate Researchers is delegated to its Director of Graduate Studies. The Institute Research Administrator, Colin Rainey provides support for grant applications and grant management.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of: Paul Anderson (Dentistry); James Busfield (Engineering and Material Science); Flynn Castles (Electronic Engineering and Computer Science); Rachel Crespo-Otero (Biological and Chemical Sciences);  Alan Drew (Physics and Astronomy); Olly Fenwick (Engineering and Material Science); Jan Mol (Physics and Astronomy); Christian Nielsen, Isabel Palacios & Matteo Palma (all from Biological and Chemical Sciences); Ana Jorge Sobrido, Petra Szilágyi & Liz Tanner (all from Engineering and Material Science); and Kostya Trachenko (Physics and Astronomy).