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April 2018

Mon 23 Apr 1811:00 - 12:00Seminar: Low-Dimensional Nano-Carbons: Form Doped Carbon Nanotubes and Doped Graphene to 3-D Hybrids and Biological Applications, with Professor Mauricio Terrones, Pennsylvania State University, USA updated
We will describe the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and nanotube networks using different dopants during chemical vapor deposition. In particular, the effects of sulphur, boron and nitrogen will be...
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Wed 25 Apr 1815:00 - 16:00Professor Erwin ReisnerSeminar: Prof Erwin Reisner - (University of Cambridge) Solar fuel production through CO2 reduction and H2O splitting
Prof Erwin Reisner is interested in artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels and developing novel photocatalytic systems by combining homogenous synthetic catalysts and enzymes with a light absorbing...
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Fri 27 Apr 1816:00 - 18:00Professor Gustavo E. ScuseriaSeminar: Thomas Young Centre Highlight Seminar, Professor Gustavo E. Scuseria, at University College London new
Professor Gustavo E. Scuseria, Winner of the 2017 Royal Society Chemistry S F Boys -A Rahman Award, will present his Highlight Seminar entitled ‘Symmetry, degeneracy, and strong correlation’ ...
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June 2018

Thu 28 Jun 1816:30 - 21:00L. Noirez, A. ZacconeSeminar: Thomas Young Centre Soiree, Queen Mary University of London
The Thomas Young Centre Soiree begins with a first talk at 17:00 “Static” Shear-Elasticity in Liquids & Melts, Laurence Noirez Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (CEA-CNRS), Université Paris-Saclay....
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