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Materials Research Institute



Why size matters: from antibodies to nanomaterials - Inaugural Lecture

Date: 3 February 2016   Time: 18:30 - 20:00

Professor Marina Resmini, Professor of Materials Chemistry, will be holding her Inaugural Lecture on Wednesday 3rd February 2016 at 6.30pm. The lecture will be followed by a free drink reception. The lecture will be held in Skeel Lecture Theatre, Mile End Campus.

Professor Marina Resmini’s lecture will focus on how advances in the area of nanotechnology have allowed scientists to manufacture and manipulate ever smaller ‘particles’ and to study how size impacts their properties. The majority of vital biological processes in the body occur at the nanoscale and we now have particle systems that can interact at the same level. This lecture will highlight some of the interesting applications, especially in the area of drug delivery.

Professor Marina Resmini first joined QMUL in 1996, as postdoctoral researcher, and was subsequently appointed in 1998 as Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, where she progressed to become Professor of Materials Chemistry in 2013. Her main research interests are focused on the development of novel functional nanomaterials with potential applications at the physical and life sciences interface, such as catalysts, sensors and drug delivery systems.

Location:  Skeel Lecture Theatre, Mile End Campus - Queen Mary University of London
Contact:  Marina Resmini
Telephone:  +44 20 7882 3268
Email:  +44 20 7882 3268
Website:  http://