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Materials Research Institute



Ultra-dispersed Diamonds and Related Materials for Catalytic Applications, Dangsheng Su, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science

Date: 1 February 2016   Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Ultra-dispersed diamonds, also called nanodiamond (ND), are produced by detonation of explosives under oxygen-deficient conditions and commercially available. The structure of these particles is a crystalline sp3-bonded diamond core, surrounded by few layers of disordered sp2carbon, resulting in a variety of oxygen terminations on dangling bonds and defects on surface. The chemical nature of ND surface can be tailored by its surface sp2 /sp3 hybridization state, defect density and decoration with various types of heteroatom functionalities. We have used surface-modified NDs as catalyst and catalyst support for heterogeneous catalytic reactions that show unusual performance. The sp2 carbon overlayers formed in-situ during a catalytic reaction could dissociate oxygen molecules to nucleophilic oxygen species leading a high selectivity. By annealing the NDs at various temperature, we can change the work-function of the obtained nanocarbon composite materials. Nitrogen and boron doped annealed ND is also electro-active for ORR, but the performance is still needed to be optimized. The state-of-the-art of ND catalysis will be presented with an outlook for practical application.

Location:  Nanoforce Seminar Room
Contact:  Magda Titirici
Telephone:  020 7882 6272