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Materials Research Institute



Dr Tadanori Kurosawa (Stanford University) - "Impact of polystyrene side chains on semiconducting polymer properties"


Date: 21 September 2016   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Since the first development of an industrial production around 1925, polystyrene (PS) has been one of the most quantitatively important chemicals which annual consumption worldwide nowadays has exceed 11.5 × 10^6 t/year. Up to now, the use of PS has been mainly focused on thermoplastic or elastomeric materials and its use of active materials for electronic applications have been extremely limited due to its completely inert characteristics to electric field. Recently, the use of PS has been revisited by utilizing as a side chain for enhancing the solubility of donor-acceptor (D-A) type conjugated semiconducting polymers which tends to require harsh condition to dissolve and process from organic solvents. It has been revealed that the very small incorporation of PS side chain suppresses the strong aggregation tendency of D-A type semiconducting polymers by disrupting the ?-? stacking of the conjugated backbone. In this talk, the utility of introducing PS side chain on the conjugated backbone from the application point of view (mainly all-polymer solar cell and organic field-effect transistor) and the impact of PS side chain on semiconducting polymer properties will be discussed. In addition, in order to provide the PS side chain with versatility, a new approach to synthesize a PS attached conjugated backbone by taking advantage of traditional living anionic polymerization will be introduced.

Location:  Nanoforce Meeting Room