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Materials Research Institute



MRI SEMINAR Prof. Laurence Hardwick, University of Liverpool - SHINing Light on Electrode Interfaces

Date: 20 September 2017   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

The performance and safety of batteries are affected by the side reactions and passivation layer at the electrode/electrolyte interface. Therefore, it is essential a better understanding of the reactions mechanisms that lead to surface layer formation and the chemistry within both lithium-ion and lithium-oxygen (Li-O2) batteries.

Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is a powerful technique used in operando conditions to investigate electrode surface interactions under potential control during battery cycling.

Since SERS has limitations in terms of substrate nature and morphology, shell isolated nanoparticle Raman spectroscopy (SHINERS) is an alternative technique for surface analysis. In this case Raman signal amplification comes from the gold core embedded in an ultrathin silica shell (SHINs) of the nanoparticles deposited on the electrode surface, and in principle any type of electrode substrate can be investigated.

Within this presentation I will demonstrate how these Raman techniques can be used to investigate oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) mechanisms in metal-oxygen cells and introduce how complementary techniques, such as surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy, assist in understanding the particular chemical environment at the electrode/electrolyte interface.

Location:  David Sizer Theatre
Contact:  Ana Jorge