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MRI SEMINAR Dr Patricia Horcajada, IMDEA Energy - Bioapplications of Metal Organic Frameworks

Image: Dr Patricia Horcajada
Dr Patricia Horcajada

Date: 29 November 2017   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Dr Patricia Horcajada is the Head of the Advanced Porous Materials Unit at IMDEA Energy.
Patricia has been involved in the materials field, more precisely in porous solids, for more than 15 years. She has conducted research in all major aspects of this field (synthesis and characterization of porous materials, shaping, adsorption, etc).

With an unconventional and multidisciplinary scientific background (Pharmacy BCs, 2001 and Material Science Ph.D, 2005), she joined the Institut Lavoisier (Versailles, France), firstly as a postdoctoral researcher and later, in 2007, as civil servant researcher of the French Scientific Research Council (CNRS) initiating a totally new field, the biomedical application of Metal-Organic frameworks (MOFs). Then, within the framework of a “Ramon y Cajal” contract, she was appointed in February 2016 as Senior Researcher in IMDEA Energy, heading the Unit of Advanced Porous Materials, which deals with the development of new multifunctional materials for strategic applications (energy, environment and health, among others).

Awarded with the Miguel Catalán Prize (2016) and the CNRS Scientific Excellence Prize (2011-2014), she has authored 5 book chapters, 8 patents and >110 publications. With a H-Index of 43, the scientific quality and interest of her research is evidenced by the publication of ~ 70 articles in high-impact journals (IF>4), the important number of citations (> 10200; ~ 1300 citations/year in the last four years) and 19 articles cited more than 100 times (Web of Science, Sept. 2017).

Location:  David Sizer Theatre