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MRI Christmas Symposium

Image: MRI Christmas Symposium
MRI Christmas Symposium

Date: 8 December 2017   Time: 13:00 - 17:30

You are invited to the MRI Christmas Symposium 2017, taking place this year on Friday 8th December, from 1:00pm. We have an astounding range of presentations this year:

1.00-1.15pm: Michael Dommett - Aggregation Induced Emission in Molecular Crystals

1.15-1.30pm: Hui Luo - Carbon dots decorated titanium dioxide photocatalyst and its application for water splitting

1.30-1.45pm: Xinzhao Xu - Solution Processable Carbon Nanotube Biosensing Devices: a Nanoscale Multi-Sensing Platform

1.45-2.00pm: Sheetal Inamdar - The secret life of collagen – discovered using small angle X-ray diffraction

2.00-2.15pm: Tianjun Liu - Phonon thermal transport in lead iodide perovskites thin films

2.15-2.30pm: Jelena Gorbaciova - Path to High Quantum Efficiency in an Organic Erbium Complex

2.30-3.00pm: Invited talk - Joe Briscoe (QMUL) – Nanostructured materials for sustainable energy devices

3.00-3.30pm: Posters and coffee break

3.30-3.45pm: Dabiao Liu - Peculiar torsional properties of spider dragline silk

3.45-4.00pm: Zachary Parr - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Organic Bioelectronics

4.00-4.15pm: Xiaoming Zhao - Crystal Engineering of One-Dimensional Fullerene Nanostructure for Organic Electronics

4.15-4.30pm: Giulia Salussolia - A mesoscale model for the liquid-phase exfoliation of multilayer 2D nanomaterials in sheared liquids

4.30-4.45pm: Fan Wu - Light-addressable potentiometric sensors for electrochemical imaging based on different semiconductor substrates

4.45-5.30pm: Invited talk - Hugo Bronstein (University of Cambridge) – Controlling excited states in conjugated systems

5.30-5.40pm: Prizes and remarks
6pm – onwards: Drinks and nibbles at The Lord Tredegar

Location:  Bancroft 1.13
Contact:  Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido