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Materials Research Institute



Organic LEDs with a Twist, with Dr Dan Credgington (Cambridge)

Image: Dr Dan Credgington
Dr Dan Credgington

Date: 6 September 2018   Time: 11:00 - 12:00

The greatest challenge for modern OLEDs is achieving rapid emission from triplet states. I will describe a new approach to achieving sub-microsecond triplet harvesting using materials with a torsional degree of freedom. This allows access to excited states with high oscillator strength, high spin-orbit coupling and low exchange energy, enabling the most efficient printable OLEDs ever reported.

High-performance light-emitting diodes based on carbene-metal-amides. D. Di, et al. Science, 2017.

Location:  The SEMS Seminar Room (3rd floor, Engineering)
Contact:  Dr Oliver Fenwick