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Materials Research Institute



Centre for Condensed Matter & Materials Physics PhD Training

Image:  Dr. A. Sapelkin
Dr. A. Sapelkin

Date: 20 February 2019   Time: 09:00 - 17:00

As part of the Condensed Matter & Materials Physics (CCMMP) PhD training, we continue our weekly series with a third full-day session.

9am-11am “X-ray absorption spectroscopy in condensed matter”, Dr. A. Sapelkin

11am-12pm “Molecular dynamics simulations in condensed matter”, Dr. K. Trachenko

Session Break

3pm-5pm “DFT calculations”, Dr. A. Misquitta

You can find details of PhD projects available at CCMMP, relevant contacts and application information at the link below. Some groups of students are funded by common sources or are pursuing related research within a general field, and there may be particular cohort events or research training associated to these.

Location:  GO Jones Room 410 B