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This event has been postponed - Conjugated Polymer Photocatalysts for Solar Fuel Production, with R Sebastian Sprick, University of Liverpool

Image: Dr Sebastian Sprick
Dr Sebastian Sprick

Date: 13 May 2020   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

At a future date we will welcome R. SEBASTIAN SPRICK, Department of Chemistry and Materials Innovation Factory, University of Liverpool.

Photocatalytic hydrogen production from water is a research area of immense interest as hydrogen has been identified as a potential energy carrier of the future. Most of the studied photocatalysts are inorganic and organic materials have been far less studied, with the exception of carbon nitride materials. Here, I will present our work on the application of conjugated microporous polymers (CMPs),1-3 unbranched conjugated polymers,4,5 and covalent organic frameworks (COFs)6 as photocatalysts for hydrogen production from water.

I will discuss synthetic approaches in tuning of their light absorption and band alignment,7 crystallinity,6 particle size8 and wettability5,9 for improved photocatalytic activity. Understanding of these systems was gained using a range of methods such as transient absorption spectroscopy,5 and quasi-elastic neutron scattering to study water within the pores of CMP photocatalysts.3 We recently used automation to produce a large set of polymer photocatalysts that were studied for their performance. The data was then coupled with machine learning and we explored underlying factors beyond the ones previously considered by us in photocatalysis.10


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Location:  This event has been postponed