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Bioengineering human tissues using soft biomaterials, with Professor Joao Mano, University of Aveiro

Image: Professor Joao Mano, University of Aveiro
Professor Joao Mano, University of Aveiro

Date: 9 June 2021   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Online: MS Teams

Title: Bioengineering human tissues using soft biomaterials

Abstract: Tissue Engineering has been integrating principles of materials science and engineering, chemistry, biology and health sciences in order to develop regenerative-based therapeutic strategies combining stem cells and biomaterials. Biomaterials have been widely as a structural support for adherent cells and as a vehicle to provide relevant biochemical and biophysical signals to control cell behavior. In particular hydrogels obtained from natural-derived polymers have been explored in our group to provide the adequate 3D environment for cells to produce a new tissue ex-vivo. Such systems can be bioprinted in order to engineer complex hybrid devices with the structural requirements for the particular clinical need. We have been also proposed the compartmentalization of cells in liquified capsules, to provide the necessary freedom of cells to self-assemble and generate new tissue under minimal external influence. Examples of such systems presenting, where the possibility of adding topographic or dynamic stimuli to the cells are discussed.

Bio: João F. Mano, was awarded a PhD in Chemistry (1996, Technical Univ. Lisbon), D.Sc. in Tissue Engineering Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells (2012, Univ. Minho), and is a full professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Aveiro (Portugal). During his career he has taught courses related to biomaterials science and technology, tissue engineering and physical chemistry of polymers and materials, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He is the director of both Master and Doctoral Degrees in Biotechnology at the University of Aveiro. He was also appointed as Invited Professor (classe exceptionelle, since 2014) at University of Lorraine (France), and Visiting Professor in KAIST (South Korea) - 2019.

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Contact:  Prof Julien Gautrot

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