Materials Chemistry

image: Chemistry%281%29The MRI brings together a broad community of researchers with expertise in different aspects of materials research.  We have a concentration of expertise in materials chemistry, processing of materials, materials characterisation and materials modelling.  In each of these areas we have developed facilities to support research groups working across all five research themes.

Key Publications

  • Capito RM, Azevedo HS, Velichko YS, Mata A and Stupp SI (2008). Self-assembly of large and small molecules into hierarchically ordered sacs and membranes. Science  vol. 319, (5871) 1812-1816.10.1126/science.1154586
  • Lewandowski B, De Bo G, Ward JW, Papmeyer M, Kuschel S, Aldegunde MJ, Gramlich PM, Heckmann D, Goldup SM, D'Souza DM, Fernandes AE and Leigh DA (2013). Sequence-specific peptide synthesis by an artificial small-molecule machine. Science  vol. 339, (6116) 189-193. 10.1126/science.1229753
  • Titirici M-M and Antonietti M (2010). Chemistry and materials options of sustainable carbon materials made by hydrothermal carbonization. Chemical Society Reviews  vol. 39, (1) 103-116. 10.1039/b819318p