Materials Processing

image: Processing2Within MRI our expertise in processing includes methods for novel polymers and composites, hydrothermal processing of carbon materials, electrospraying of nano-fibres, electric field assisted CVD for catalytic coatings, spark plasma sintering for nano-structured ceramics. 

Key Publications

  • Deng H, Skipa T, Bilotti E, Zhang R, Lellinger D, Mezzo L, Fu Q, Alig I and Peijs T (2010). Preparation of high-performance conductive polymer fibers through morphological control of networks formed by nanofillers. Advanced Functional Materials  vol. 20, (9) 1424-1432. 10.1002/adfm.200902207
  • Bloor LG, Manzi J, Binions R, Parkin IP, Pugh D, Afonja A, Blackman CS, Sathasivam S and Carmalt CJ (2012).Tantalum and titanium doped In 2O 3 thin films by aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition and their gas sensing properties. Chemistry of Materials  vol. 24, (15) 2864-2871. 10.1021/cm300596c
  • Cui B, Sa R, Jayaseelan DD, Inam F, Reece MJ and Lee WE (2012). Microstructural evolution during high-temperature oxidation of spark plasma sintered Ti 2AlN ceramics. Acta Materialia  vol. 60, (3) 1079-1092.10.1016/j.actamat.2011.11.010