Large Facilities

We make a lot of use of the UK's national radiation beam facilities at the STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, seen in the photograph. The ISIS neutron and muon beam facility is shown in the foreground snuggled into a modern hill, and the Diamond synchrotron source is the large silver ring on the right-hand side of the photograph.

  • Neutron scattering is used to measure both the structure and dynamical properties of materials. For structure studies we use the diffraction beam lines for measurements of the long-range crystallographic structure, and the total scattering instruments for measurements of the local structure of disordered materials. Small-angle scattering is used to measure large-scale structures, and reflectometry methods are used to study the structures of surfaces. The inelastic spectrometers are used to measure phonon and spin wave excitations.
  • Muon spectroscopy is used to perform measurements of the short-range magnetic structures in inorganic and organic materials.
  • Synchrotron radiation is used to measure the long-range and short-range structures of materials. Diffraction beam lines provide crystallographic information. X-ray absorption spectroscopy is used to measure the local structure of matter with emphasis on element selectivity. We are developing a new instrument for total scattering for measurements of disordered materials.

Who do I contact?

Martin Dove and for neutron scattering at ISIS

Maisoon Al Jawad for neutron scattering at ILL

Alan Drew for muon spectroscopy at ISIS

Andrei Sapelkin for X-ray absorption spectroscopy at Diamond

Himadri Gupta for small angle X-ray scattering at Diamond

Maisoon Al Jawad for micro-focus X-ray diffraction at ESRF


ISIS web site

Diamond web site