Delivering Battery Revolution: Reducing The Drivers of Climate Change in Indonesia

22 April 2021

Delivering Battery Revolution
Delivering Battery Revolution

The National Battery Research Institute (NBRI) in Indonesia and Queen Mary University London (QMUL), in collaboration with the British Council, invite you to participate in a Climate Challenge Workshop on "Delivering Battery Revolution: Reducing The Drivers of Climate Change in Indonesia" to be held 12-14th July 2021. This workshop, funded by the British Council, is a COP26 pre-conference event.

The aim of this Climate Challenge Workshop is to harness the power of people all over the world – particularly young people and those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change – to connect and collaborate through culture and education to combat climate change. This workshop will explain the causes and the role that Indonesia has on climate change, locally and globally, across different economic sectors (eg. transport, energy, industry, tourism, household) as well as the social and economic impact that climate change will have on Indonesia. It will address the solutions, whether technological or socioeconomic, by the following themes:

  • Climate change specific to Indonesia - causes and effects
  • Technological solutions that combine renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro) with batteries, put into the context of a battery transport revolution in Indonesia
  • Socioeconomic, policy and financial barriers to climate change solutions in Indonesia

We seek an expression of interest in joining a pre-workshop networking session to be held in May, which will enable attendees to form interdisciplinary and international teams to bid for research funding in the area of climate change, batteries and energy production/usage in Indonesia. The total Challenge Prize is £30,000. The expression of interest deadline is short (29th April), but the final proposals are due 15th June.

This is also an opportunity to submit an abstract for a talk (also 15th June), and there will be Dissemination Awards for those that give the best talks, to be used to present at a conference later in the year.

For more information, please go to our website.

Contact:Professor Alan Drew

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