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December 2015

BioMin Technologies Ltd

23 December 2015

The QMUL Spin Out Company "BioMin Technologies Ltd" has produced on a Commercial Scale 10,000 tubes (almost 2 tons) of its Fluoride Containing Bioactive Glass Toothpaste. David Gillam, Robert Hill, Pushkar Wadke and Natalia Karpukhina were winners of the Armourers and Brasiers Venture Prize in 2013 and the Prize Money has been used ... [more]

November 2015

XRD patterns of the pure GaN and Ga-In-N samples with increasing indium contents: a)?GaN, b)?GaInN-0.05, c)?GaInN-0.10, and d)?GaInN-0.2.

GaN and GaxIn1?xN Nanoparticles with Tunable Indium Content: Synthesis and Characterization

13 November 2015

Semiconducting GaN and GaxIn1?xN nanoparticles (4–10?nm in diameter, depending on the metal ratio) with tunable indium content are prepared through a chemical synthesis (the urea-glass route). The bandgap of the ternary system depends on its composition, and therefore, the color of the final material can be turned from bright ... [more]

Image of glass cement filling, copyright Semmelweis University Dental School

Watching cement dry could help dental fillings last longer

9 November 2015

Scientists led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Aberystwyth University have revealed ‘sweet points’ for dental fillings, where cement used to fill cracks regain elasticity before hardening indefinitely. This could have implications for creating more durable and longer-lasting fillings in the future. [more]