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Materials Research Institute


Dr Andrei Sapelkin

Andrei Sapelkin

Senior Lecturer | PhD Tutor

School of Physics and Astronomy
G O Jones 126, Mile End
+44 (0)20 7882 3414


X-ray absorption spectroscopy, Nanomaterials, Carbon nanotubes, quantum electronics

Research Interests

Andrei V. Sapelkin has research interests in semiconductor quantum dots (SQDs) preparation, characterisation and their use in bio-applications. Specifically, he has been looking into effects of various synthesis routes on light emission in nanostructures. Semiconductor nano-crystals have captivated the imagination of scientists and engineers since their technological potential became evident over two decades ago. This is especially true for semiconductor quantum dots, where quantum size effects and carrier confinement allow unprecedented control over optical and electronic properties. Leading the way in this field, in both theoretical understanding and demonstrated applications, is indisputably the cadmium-based II-VI quantum dots discovered by Brus in 1980s. However, concerns regarding their toxicity are yet to be resolved calling for the advancement of alternative nontoxic materials, including the group IV (Si, Ge) semiconductor nano-crystals. Our interest is in bio-application of quantum dots and to this end we adopted synthesis routes that yield Ge QDs in form of suspension (by etching and now by colloidal synthesis, Fig. 1). These nano-particles show low toxicity and photoluminescence in a visible range (500-700 nm) and hence could potentially be suitable for bio-application. Our synthesis methods provide a degree of control over surface termination and also over the light emission properties.

We work together with Dr. A. Wheeler, Blizard Institute, QMUL to assess the possibility of using Ge QDs for super-resolution imaging of live cells. This work requires a combination of in-house characterisation techniques (e.g.. Raman, Photoluminescence, Fluorescence Imaging) and structural methods (e.g. XAS) available at the large scale facilities such as Diamond Light Source. Furthermore, understanding of relationship between atomic, electronic structure and optical properties requires firm theoretical support and we work together with Dr. K. Trachenko, SPA, QMUL.

Another long standing interest is effects of high hydrostatic pressure on structural and optical properties of novel materials such as topologically disordered solids and nanostructures. This led to his interest in the development of experimental techniques for local structural characterisation of materials under pressure using synchrotron radiation. He investigated in details behavior of diamond spikes in EXAFS spectra collected under pressure in DACs, demonstrating the possibility of data collection in much wider range of energies than thought was possible before. He was involved in initiation and preparation of the case for I20-X-ray spectroscopy (XAS-3) beamline at new UK synchrotron radiation source - Diamond. He then served as a member of the working group for XAS3. The beamline is now approved for funding and will be operational by 2009.

Publications of specific relevance to Materials Research



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Grants of specific relevance to Materials Research


  • Local atomic correlations in low dimensional systems
    Sapelkin A
    £11,640 Royal Society (02-09-2019 - 01-09-2021)
  • Collective dynamics and pair correlations in atomic and colloidal systems across coupling regimes
    Sapelkin A
    £49,536 British Council (01-06-2019 - 31-12-2019)

  • Targeted drug delivery to neurons and glia using light- and field-sensitive microcapsules
    Rusakov DA, Sukhorukov GB, Volynski KE, Baxendale M and Sapelkin AV
    £730,436 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (31-03-2012 - 29-09-2015)
  • Tunable Raman spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes under high pressure
    Dunstan DJ, Hernández I and Sapelkin AV
    £231,215 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (31-05-2009 - 30-11-2011)
  • Bi-directional interfacing of electronics and cultured neurons
    Sapelkin A
    £208,241 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (09-12-2004 - 08-10-2006)
  • Bi-directional interfacing of electronics and cultured neurons
    Sapelkin A
    £292,846 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (30-09-2003 - 30-11-2004)