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Materials Research Institute


Ms Christina Kousseff

Christina Kousseff
School of Biological and Chemical Sciences


Research Interests

Project title: Conjugated polymers for the sensing of biomarkers

Summary: The tunable electronic and optical properties of conjugated polymers have allowed them to be applied for usage across a range of fields including organic electronics, energy harvesting, medical imaging, bioelectronics and biosensing. While this tunability has been demonstrated in other areas, the use of conjugated polymers for biosensing has thus far incorporated little specificity. The aim of this project is therefore to synthesize smart materials with functionalized structures which may elicit a response upon binding to specific biomarkers such as ions, glucose and other molecules.

Supervisor Dr Christian Nielsen

Publications of specific relevance to Materials Research




  • Perry A and Kousseff CJ (2017). Synthesis and metal binding properties of N-alkylcarboxyspiropyrans. Perry and Kousseff; Licensee Beilstein-Institut.  Beilstein J Org Chem  vol. 13, 1542-1550. 10.3762/bjoc.13.154