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Materials Research Institute


Ms Sally Luong

Sally Luong

PhD Student

School of Engineering and Materials Science


Research Interests

N-type organic thermoelectric materials

Supervisor: Dr Oliver Fenwick


Publications of specific relevance to Materials Research



  • Trifiletti V, Tseberlidis G, Colombo M, Spinardi A, Luong S, Danilson M, Grossberg M, Fenwick O and Binetti S (2020). Growth and Characterization of Cu2Zn1-xFexSnS4 Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications. Mdpi  Materials  vol. 13, 10.3390/ma13061471
  • Milita S, Liscio F, Cowen L, Cavallini M, Drain BA, Degousée T, Luong S, Fenwick O, Guagliardi A, Schroeder BC and Masciocchi N (2020). Polymorphism in N,N′-dialkyl-naphthalene diimides. Royal Society of Chemistry  Journal of Materials Chemistry C  10.1039/c9tc06967d