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Materials Research Institute


Mr Travis Hohenberger

Travis Hohenberger

PhD Student

School of Engineering and Materials Science

Publications of specific relevance to Materials Research



  • WINDSLOW R, Hohenberger T and Busfield J (2020). Determination of the Loading Mode Dependence of the Proportionality Parameter for the Tearing Energy of Embedded Flaws in Elastomers Under Multiaxial Deformations. Springer Verlag  Advances in Polymer Science  10.1007/12_2020_66


  • Busfield J, Hohenberger T, Pugno N and WINDSLOW R (2019). Constitutive Model for both Low and High Strain Non-Linearities in Highly Filled Elastomers and Implementation with user-defined Material Subroutines in Abaqus. American Chemical Society  Rubber Chemistry and Technology  vol. 92, (4) 653-686. 10.5254/rct.19.80387