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Materials Research Institute


Dr Yao Lu

Yao Lu

Lecturer in Chemistry

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Room 1.03, Joseph Priestley Building
+44 (0)20 7882 6627


Super-durable lotus leaf inspired superhydrophobic surfaces, Pitcher plant inspired omniphobic slippery liquid infused porous surfaces, Superhydrophilic photocatalytic and self-cleaning coatings

Research Interests

Dr Yao Lu is a material scientist with educational background both in Materials Chemistry (PhD) and Mechanical Engineering (Master of Engineering in Dalian University of Technology). Before joining QMUL, he obtained  his PhD at UCL in Chemistry (2017) followed by postdoctoral research at UCL's Department of Mechanical Engineering. Dr Lu's broad interests are in functional materials, and he is keen to collaborate with both academic and industry to develop and transfer new knowledge and technology.