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May 2020

21 May 20Professor Adrian MartineauYou can still sign up to study to identify highest risk factors for COVID-19
Scientists are calling on the public to sign up to a new study which will help identify who is most at risk of contracting COVID-19 and why some people become more ill than others with the disease. The COVIDENCE UK st... [more]

April 2020

24 Apr 20Dr Karin HingQueen Mary secure new Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to support industry engagement
Researchers from Queen Mary’s Materials Research Institute have been awarded two new Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) to support innovation and knowledge transfer with industry partners. The new KTPs, which r... [more]
12 Apr 20Visors made at home by dentists on 3D printers help protect against Covid-19
Dentists from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, have used 3D printers to design a high-protection visor for NHS medics that is about to be produced in vast numbers for London’s Nightingale hospital... [more]
6 Apr 20Coronavirus update (April 2020)
The UK Government has announced that everyone must stay at home and only go outside for food, health reasons or work – if they are unable to do so from home. Queen Mary remains open, however there is now no face-to-fac... [more]

March 2020

20 Mar 20Schematic of the microscopic interactions between active particles (green) and a passive tracer (blue)Mathematicians develop new theory to explain real-world randomness
Einstein’s theory of Brownian motion, which describes the random movement of particles in fluids, is widely used to model randomness throughout science. However, this revolutionary model only works when a fluid is stat... [more]

January 2020

16 Jan 20Deep-sea ecosystems are potentially at risk from deep-sea mining according to Queen Mary University of London research.Scientists fear impact of deep-sea mining on microbial ecosystems
Deep-sea ecosystems are potentially at risk from the impacts of deep-sea mining according to a new paper co-authored by an academic at Queen Mary University of London. The study, which analyses what is known about mic... [more]
14 Jan 20A drug resistant melanoma cell that has altered its cytoskeletonQueen Mary research team identifies new route for tackling drug resistance in skin cancer cells
Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have found that melanoma cells fight anti-cancer drugs by changing their internal skeleton (cytoskeleton) – opening up a new therapeutic route for combating skin and other... [more]
10 Jan 20PhD Studentship Computational Chemistry at Queen Mary University of London
A funded PhD student position (3.5 years) is available starting in Autumn 2020 at the Department of Chemistry, Queen Mary University related to the project "Computational Design of Metal-Carbonaceous Catalysts for the CO... [more]

December 2019

17 Dec 19Best Talk (L-R) Christina Kousseff, Dr Christian Nielsen & Professor Alan DrewMaterials Research Institute Christmas Symposium 2019
Our thanks and congratulations to our prize winning PhD Students at this year's MRI Christmas Symposium. This year's prizes were awarded by Professor Alan Drew, Director of the Materials Research Institute and MRI Le... [more]

November 2019

6 Nov 19Materials Research Institute Christmas Symposium
Materials Research Institute’s ever-popular Christmas Symposium will take place this year on Monday 16th December, 13:00-18:00, at the Arts One Lecture Theatre, followed by drinks and nibbles from 18:00 at the SCR bar.... [more]

October 2019

22 Oct 19Dr Emiliano BilottiCroissant making inspires renewable energy solution
The art of croissant making has inspired researchers from Queen Mary University of London to find a solution to a sustainable energy problem. Croissants are made by pressing and folding dough to create a layered pastr... [more]
9 Oct 19 Sir Peter RatcliffeQueen Mary alumnus Sir Peter Ratcliffe awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine
Sir Peter Ratcliffe, who qualified as a doctor in 1978 from one of Queen Mary’s founding institutions - St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School - has been jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine fo... [more]

September 2019

30 Sep 19Professor John O'Keefe Biology Meets Physics Symposiumity
Both the Institute of Bioengineering and Materials Research Institute were delighted by the turnout for the inaugural Biology Meets Physics Symposium at Queen Mary University of London. There was a great variety of talks... [more]

July 2019

31 Jul 19Dr Fuad Alhaj Omar and MRI's Dr Joe BriscoeQueen Mary continues to support the rebuilding of higher education in Syria
Queen Mary University of London has hosted a Syrian academic in exile, consolidating its support for academics at risk and the rebuilding of higher education in Syria. Queen Mary is among a number of British univers... [more]
23 Jul 19Two postdoctoral positions in London on CO2 mineralization
Position details Two postdoctoral positions are available at Queen Mary University of London to work on the computational and experimental characterization of the molecular-level processes controlling the crystal growth... [more]

June 2019

11 Jun 19Festival of Communities 2019Experience Tower Hamlets at the 2019 Festival of Communities | People's Palace, Queen Mary Mile End Campus
The annual Festival of Communities celebrates the culture and diversity of the extraordinary borough that is Tower Hamlets. Hosted by Queen Mary University of London and Tower Hamlets’ organisations, the festival is re... [more]

May 2019

28 May 19Technology to capture energy from sea wavesTechnology to capture energy from sea waves awarded funding
A team from Queen Mary has been awarded funding to develop technology to capture energy from waves at sea. Wave Energy Scotland (WES) will grant £461,345 to the team from the School of Engineering and Materials Scien... [more]
9 May 19The Knowledge Transfer NetworkA Queen Mary research project has won a national Engineering Excellence Award at Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Best of the Best awards.
A Queen Mary research project has won a national Engineering Excellence Award at Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Best of the Best awards. The award was presented at The Royal Society of Chemistry ... [more]
2 May 19Dr Karin Hing's Synthetic bone graft Royal Mail stampRecognition for Dr Karin Hing's Synthetic bone graft research
The pioneering work of Materials Research Institute researcher Karin Hing has been celebrated with a stamp as part of a new series launched by the Royal Mail. The six stamp set, launched today, marks innovations in Br... [more]

April 2019

15 Apr 19London Institute of Transport Technology Newham College partners in with Queen Mary University London and London Institute of Transport Technology
MRI's Professor James Busfield Newham College has led the partnership to form one of twelve Institutes of Technology, backed by £170 million of Government Funding, to help provide 'high-quality skills training'' to youn... [more]

March 2019

18 Mar 19Milestones in Molecular SimulationsThomas Young Centre Symposium - Milestones in Molecular Simulations
We would like to announce the joint Thomas Young Centre, CCP9 and ICL, Chemistry symposium: Milestones in Molecular Simulations Date: Friday, 21 June 2019 Time: 09:00 - 16:30 Venue: Molecular Sciences Research Hub ... [more]
12 Mar 19Dr Richard Henderson2019 Drummond Lecture with Dr Richard Henderson
You are invited to the annual Drummond Lecture with our speaker Dr Richard Henderson of LMB Cambridge. The lecture is entitled 'The increasing power of cryoEM for macromolecular structure determination'. Dr Henderson... [more]

February 2019

19 Feb 19Runner up - Miguel Rivera (supervised by MRI's Dr Rachel Crespo-Otero) receiving his prizeThomas Young Centre (TYC) Student Day 2019
The Thomas Young Centre's prestigious annual Student Day took place on Friday 15th February 2019. Shortlisted TYC PhD students present their amazing research through talks and posters and competed for 'Best Talk' and 'B... [more]

January 2019

24 Jan 19Bi-layer grapheneProperties of ‘wonder material’ graphene change in humid conditions
Graphene exhibits very different properties in humid conditions, according to researchers from Queen Mary University of London. The ‘wonder material’, which is made from carbon and was discovered in 2004, is haile... [more]

December 2018

14 Dec 18Eugenia Pyurbeeva 1st prize for best talkMRI Christmas Symposium Prize Winners
Congratulations to our prize winning PhD Students in MRI! This year's prizes were awarded by Professor Yang Hao, Dean for Research in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Materials Research Institute's Interim... [more]

November 2018

26 Nov 18 nanomaterialsFully funded PhD studentship: the new generation of nanomaterials: how to get control on matter at the nanoscale
Shaping the new generation of nanomaterials: how to get control on matter at the nanoscale Supervisor: Dr Cristina Giordano Deadline: 31st January 2019 Funding: QMUL (UK/EU only) Project description Nanomat... [more]

October 2018

18 Oct 18Professor Diana Lopez, Dr Ana Jorge Sobrido & Professor Magda Titirici Material Research Institute's team is shortlisted to win a £200,000 science prize
Two researchers from Queen Mary's Material Research Institute are part of a team that is shortlisted to win a £200,000 science prize for their work in creating sustainable energy storage technologies from palm tree resi... [more]

August 2018

10 Aug 18The ratcheting building block that could be embedded in the new materials. After vertical compression, it keeps the materials collapsed, and can release energy on sideways pull.Scientists at MRI design material that can store energy like an eagle’s grip
What do a flea and an eagle have in common? They can store energy in their feet without having to continuously contract their muscles to then jump high or hold on to prey. Now scientists at Queen Mary University of Londo... [more]

July 2018

25 Jul 18Facilities access support for use of Henry Royce Institute equipmentFacilities access support for use of Henry Royce Institute equipment, University of Cambridge
Please note that there are funds available for people in Energy Research to access the facilities of the Royce Institute at the University of Cambridge. The EPSRC Centre of Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Sys... [more]

June 2018

1 Jun 18Growth of apatite nanocrystals at multiple scales - similarly to how these crystals grow when dental enamel developsProtein disorder–order interplay to guide the growth of hierarchical mineralized structures
Scientists develop material that could regenerate dental enamel Materials Research Institute researchers have developed a new way to grow mineralised materials which could regenerate hard tissues such as dental ename... [more]

May 2018

17 May 18 Dr Stoyan Smoukov, Materials Research InstituteScientists discover how a pinch of salt can improve battery performance
Researchers at Queen Mary University of London, University of Cambridge and Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research have discovered how a pinch of salt can be used to drastically improve the performance of batter... [more]
9 May 18Professor Magda TitriciProfessor Magdalena Titirici wins Royal Society of Chemistry Corday-Morgan Prize, 2018
Professor Magdalena Titirici, acting Director of the Materials Research Institute, is this year's Royal Society of Chemistry Corday-Morgan Prize winner. Professor Titirici’s research group mimics the natural proces... [more]

April 2018

25 Apr 18Dr Himadri GuptaTechnology network awarded funding to capture musculoskeletal degeneration
Queen Mary University of London awarded funding to create a network seeking to develop new, high energy imaging methods to capture the dynamic biochemical and biophysical processes in biological samples The human body... [more]
11 Apr 18Dr Joe BriscoeMRI researcher helps develop rollercoaster which charges your phone
A researcher from Queen Mary University of London has used his expertise in energy harvesting applications to help develop a rollercoaster which charges your phone. Dr Joe Briscoe, from the Materials Research Institut... [more]

March 2018

19 Mar 18UK Research and Innovation invites expressions of interest - Closing date: Wednesday 18 April 2018, 12:00pm
UK Research and Innovation is inviting expressions of interest to identify the next wave of challenges to be supported under the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF). ISCF funding comes from UK Research and Innovati... [more]
2 Mar 18PhD student Sabina Nicolae heat winner of IOM Young Person’s LecturePhD student wins London heat of Institute of Materials Young Person’s Lecture Competition 2018
... [more]

February 2018

27 Feb 18Professor Sir Colin HumphreysProfessor Sir Colin Humphreys, Materials expert joins Queen Mary University of London
Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, CBE, FREng, FRS, renowned British physicist and materials expert, is set to join Queen Mary University of London as Professor of Materials Science, responsible for raising the profile of Ma... [more]
21 Feb 18The Research Beehive, Newcastle University The official launch of the North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM), 16 March 2018
The official launch of the North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM) takes place at the Research Beehive, Newcastle University, on Friday 16 March 2018. The North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM), formed... [more]
9 Feb 18 Nomination for 'Innovation of the year' Andy Bushby makes finalist in the Engagement and Enterprise Awards 2018, 'Innovation of the year' category
'Weight-saving metal components achieved by length-scale engineering' - Andy Bushby, Materials Research Institute. Andy Bushby developed a simple manufacturing process for complex 3D-shaped metal engineering componen... [more]

January 2018

15 Jan 18Professor William GillinProfessor William Gillin, Director of the Materials Research Institute - shortlisted for “Bruce Dickinson Entrepreneur of the Year” award for his work in Optical communication
William Gillin, Director of the Materials Research Institute and Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy has been shortlisted for the “Bruce Dickinson Entrepreneur of the Year” award at Queen Mary University... [more]

December 2017

15 Dec 17Jelena Gorbaciova receiving the award for best talk MRI Christmas Symposium Prize Winners 2017
Congratulations to our PhD Students in MRI! Jelena Gorbaciova won the prize for best talk entitled 'Path to High Quantum Efficiency in an Organic Erbium Complex' and Fei Xie won the prize for best poster presentation... [more]
4 Dec 17Professor Magda Titirici's Inaugural Lecture6 Dec 2017: Meet our Professors Series: Going Green with Black, with Professor Magda Titirici
Carbon is the most versatile element known. It combines with other (carbon) atoms forming materials with astonishing properties. The versatility and potential of carbon has attracted top recognition in the last decade fo... [more]

November 2017

27 Nov 17 Industrial Liaison Forum, 22nd Nov 2017Industrial Liaison Forum, 22nd Nov 2017
Review of the Industrial Liaison Forum that took place on 22nd Nov 2017 Wednesday 22nd November saw the first of our two Industrial Liaison Forums for industrialists, academic staff and students in the School of Engin... [more]
21 Nov 17ESR Spectroscopy Group Conference 2018Registration is now open for ESR Spectroscopy Group Conference 2018
We look forward to welcoming you to the 51st Annual International Meeting of the ESR Society of the Royal Society of Chemistry at Queen Mary, University of London in April 2018. We are proud to have as venues the new Gra... [more]
20 Nov 17Advance Notice of Materials Research Institute Seminar Series – 2017/18
Advance Notice of Materials Research Institute Seminar Series – 2017/18
14 Nov 17QMUL spin out receives investment to develop energy-saving optical communications technology
MRI spin out company has received investment to commercialise a new material technology which would both drastically cut energy use and increase the speed of optical communications. Chromosol, founded by Professor Wil... [more]

October 2017

13 Oct 17London Energy Materials & Devices Hub - First Symposium between QMUL and UCL held at the MRI
First Symposium QMUL-UCL London Energy Materials & Devices Hub

May 2017

31 May 17Prof James Durrant, Imperial College LondonMRI Spring Symposium and Poster Presentation
The MRI Spring Symposium was held on 31 May 2017 and featured excellent talks and posters from PhD students from the Materials Research Institute as well as an invited talk from Professor James Durrant FRS from Imperial ... [more]

April 2017

11 Apr 17Professor Nicola M PugnoProfessor Nicola Pugno wins the IOM3's Griffith Medal & Prize
Professor of Materials Science Nicola Pugno has won the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining's prestigious Griffith Medal. The award is given in recognition of distinguished work that has made or is making a notab... [more]

January 2017

6 Jan 17MRI becomes part of CAM-IES (Centre for Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems)
The MRI is now part of the Centre for Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES) in collaboration with Cambridge, UCL and Newcastle Universities. Thanks to Christian Nielsen for his work in getting this ... [more]

November 2016

30 Nov 16Pelin Poster Prize winning teamPelin Poster Prize UK Energy Storage Conference
Pelin Yilmaz working on an Innovate UK project with Magda Titirici and Johnson Matthey on “ Designing Low Cost Anodes for Na-ion Batteries” won the best poster price at the UK Energy Storage Conference in Birmingham... [more]
14 Nov 16Kathrin Preuß H2FCH2FC Researcher Conference 2016
Kathrin Preuß, a PhD student in Prof. Titirici’s group won the 3 Minute Thesis Presentations competition at the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research Conference held in Belfast out of a total of 12 candidates. Kathrin had the... [more]
8 Nov 16Prof Magda Titirici Rosenhain MedalProf Magda Titirici is awarded the Rosenhain Medal of the IOM3
Prof Magda Titirici was awarded the Rosenhain Medal at a gala dinner in London on the 8th November 2016. The prestigious medal and prize is awarded by the IOM3 to the most distinguished materials scientist under the age ... [more]

June 2016

27 Jun 16MRI student Kathrin Preuss wins best poster
Congratulations go to Kathrin Preuss from Magda Titirici’ s research group has won the prize for the best poster for her presented work entitled 'Sustainable Carbons for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Fuel Cells” a... [more]

April 2016

13 Apr 16BioMin Launch InvitationBioMinF Flouride Bioactive Glass Toothpaste Launch
The launch will consist of a series of presentations about 50 mins followed by drinks and nibbles. Plus of course there will some free samples for people to evaluate!

March 2016

7 Mar 162016 SET for Britain Bronze Award Winner Nikolaos PapaioannouSET for Britain Exhibition of posters by early-career research scientists, engineers and mathematicians
The final of the 2016 SET for BRITAIN event took place on Monday, 7th March 2016, sponsored by Stephen Metcalfe MP, Chairman of the SET for BRITAIN organising group of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. SET f... [more]

December 2015

23 Dec 15BioMin Technologies Ltd
The QMUL Spin Out Company "BioMin Technologies Ltd" has produced on a Commercial Scale 10,000 tubes (almost 2 tons) of its Fluoride Containing Bioactive Glass Toothpaste. David Gillam, Robert Hill, Pushkar Wadke and N... [more]

November 2015

13 Nov 15XRD patterns of the pure GaN and Ga-In-N samples with increasing indium contents: a)?GaN, b)?GaInN-0.05, c)?GaInN-0.10, and d)?GaInN-0.2.GaN and GaxIn1?xN Nanoparticles with Tunable Indium Content: Synthesis and Characterization
Semiconducting GaN and GaxIn1?xN nanoparticles (4–10?nm in diameter, depending on the metal ratio) with tunable indium content are prepared through a chemical synthesis (the urea-glass route). The bandgap of the ternar... [more]
9 Nov 15Image of glass cement filling, copyright Semmelweis University Dental SchoolWatching cement dry could help dental fillings last longer
Scientists led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Aberystwyth University have revealed ‘sweet points’ for dental fillings, where cement used to fill cracks regain elasticity before hardening indefinitely. ... [more]

April 2013

5 Apr 13First results from our PDF diffractometer
Whilst not our first measurement per se, we now have our first analysis from which we have produced our histogram of interatomic distances within a measured material. The material is called orthoterphenyl. The molecul... [more]

March 2013

29 Mar 13The new PDF x-ray diffractometerOur new PDF x-ray diffractometer
This arrived very recently, and is now running experiments alongside the tests we want to do. It has a silver x-ray source, giving a wavelength of 0.05 nm. At this short wavelength, we can perform measurements to rela... [more]

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