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Materials Research Institute

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Professor Sir C Humphreys


Professor of Materials Science

Department School of Engineering and Materials Science
 310A, Engineering, Mile End Campus
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 3450

Research Keywords

gallium nitride materials and devices, advanced electron microscopy, high-temperature aerospace materials, Graphene

Research Interests

Research Overview

My research is broad and covers three main areas: gallium nitride materials and devices; advanced electron microscopy; and high-temperature aerospace materials.

Gallium-nitride materials and devices

Gallium nitride (GaN) is probably the most important semiconductor material since silicon. It emits brilliant light as well as being a key material for next-generation transistors.  

Advanced electron microscopy and analysis

We are developing and applying a range of advanced electron microscopy techniques. For example, we have pioneered energy-filtered secondary-electron imaging in scanning electron microscopy for the mapping of dopants in silicon and other semiconductor devices.  

High-temperature aerospace materials

We are designing and developing higher-temperature advanced alloys that will improve the efficiency of gas-turbine engines, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

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