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Materials Research Institute

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Dr Lorenzo Botto


Lecturer in Simulation-Modelling in Engineering Systems

Department School of Engineering and Materials Science
 Engineering 124, Mile End
Telephone +44 (0)20 7882 7503

Research Keywords

soft matter, fluid mechanics, colloidal and interface science, surface-tension phenomena, applied mathematics

Research Interests

I am interested in fundamental aspects of multiphase flow theory, soft matter, and dynamics of complex fluids, with particular emphasis on fluids (both viscoelastic and Newtonian) containing suspended inertial particles, colloids or nanoparticles. My research is primarily carried out by mathematical modelling and fully-resolved simulations. 

In the field of materials research, I am interested in:

- exploring materials assembly strategies that rely on surface-tension forces. An example is particle-stabilized foams, emulsions, and polymer blends. In this field, I have developed simulation and theory for rod-like particles  assembling by capillarity at fluid interfaces.

-  understanding the interaction of filler particles with fluid polymeric matrices. I am trying to tackle the question on how to model the dynamics of filler particles during processing of nanocomposites. As a first step,  I am developing Brownian Dynamics simulations to understand the flocculation dynamics of particles having a fractal structure (e.g. carbon-black). 


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Narayanan C, Lakehal D, Botto L and Soldati A (2003). Mechanisms of particle deposition in a fully developed turbulent open channel flow.



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